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Are you Looking for a local advocacy group or team for teens to join? Look no further because the PAC is what you have been searching for. We have amazing opportunities for teens to get involved in stopping the spread of HIV in Palm Beach County. In doing so teens are able to receive volunteer hours, gift cards, and the feeling of making a difference in the community as well as having fun!

We host monthly meetings, we table at fun events, encourage teens to get tested, conduct street outreach as wells as disseminate important prevention information and distribute condoms to those in need of them.

What teens will be doing with the PAC?

As a member of the peer advocate crew teens will raise awareness and advocate for the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The advocacy of the Peer Advocate will help students understand the importance of prevention and reducing their risks.

Teens will be trained on basic information such as HIV/AIDS and community outreach while building character, values and earning hours that can be used in school or other settings. Teens will also have the opportunity to earn awesome recommendations for school, college, and other appropriate programs.

Why should teens Join PAC?

If a teen is interested in learning more about an epidemic that affects their area and gaining valuable knowledge that helps them in the future, then the PAC is for them. Teens should also join if they would like to:

Learn about HIV/AIDS and Substance Use Disorders
Teach other teens about HIV Prevention
Earn Gift cards, prizes, merch and more
Receive community service hours

Make a difference

Teens who join PAC will find newfound friends whom they may grow and evolve with while making a difference in their community. Teens will have one of the best team experiences of their life once officially apart of the PAC.

Want to know more about the PAC?

If you are or know of a teen who is interested in this program feel free to contact the Peer Advocate Coordinator Skyler King SkylerKing@pbcsac.org, or call 561-374-7627.    

Follow us at @PBCPAC on Instagram to see what we’ve been up to!




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